Vigor Turbo Boost Digital Rebuilder for VAGs(VW/Audi/Posche)

Horse power increase 10~20% immediately!!

Car mdoel:VAGcars..VW/AUDI/SKODA/SEA/Prosche..etc All series Petrol/Diesel Turbo cars
Suit for Engine: 1.8T/1.8FSI/2.0T FSI/2.7T/1.9TDI/2.0TDI…etc
3 type model of function: Easy to adjust by touch button.

Eco model :L-1~L-2

Original : -0-,

Sport model: H-1~H-8

Easy to install:no need to cut wire..only use connector to connect!
Horse power increase: It can incresae your car’s horse power 10~20% after install it.
If your car have install ABT/MTM/APR/GIAC/CHIPTRONIC/ETC/… etc all can match!
Stage I/ Stage II/ Stage III/ Stage IV cars all can install. It can have more power!

how to install boost digital rebuilder? see this!!
Installation for VW GTI